I often advice my clients regarding how best to design their CVs and cover letters for specific vacancies they wish to apply to. One of the most frequently asked questions is about the photo. Should I include a profile photo in my CV or not? While the answer to this question is partially dependent on the country your vacancy is based on (there are a few cultural differences in the DO’s and DONT’s across countries when it comes to CVs), my answer is almost always an 'It depends'.
Can expats speak EQ-ish?
[...] Yet, talking about EQ is quite different than actually practising and increasing our EQ, and the challenge can be even greater for expats and professionals working across cultures and languages. [...] So today, my tip is that you practise it a little, so you can increase your vocabulary and more easily identify what you are feeling the next time your brain assigns meaning to certain sensations ;)

How to turn your relocation to another country into a success story
What you need to personally consider before moving abroad (again) - besides all the logistic stuff. Check our comprehensive tips to make sure you are prepared to turn your next move into a success story abroad.

On finding your path among the great reshuffle
There have been a few new buzzwords in the last couple of years that are very relevant to all of us. First everyone seemed to be talking about 'the Great Resignation', with many surveys alerting to a massive 'quitting spree', given that anything from 40% to 75% of the workforce seemed to be actively planning to leave their current jobs for a better fit elsewhere. More recently, it has been 'the Great Reshuffle', [...]

How to make yourself the best candidate for your first-ever job [Part 1]
Tips to consider and traps to avoid when job hunting for your first-ever job, or looking for a career change.

Changing your job/career abroad?
For those currently working in a foreign country, it can often feel extremely scary and overwhelming when you start feeling uncomfortable with your current job and wondering whether you should move on to the next thing. Here are a few tips to increase the chances of turning this unpleasant situation into an opportunity for growth.

Improving your well-being at home with Tai Chi & Chi Kung (extra videos)
The second part of my initial post, with extra suggestions for great videos to watch at home and improve your own mental and physical well-being.

Tip#4. Brainstorm the perfect career for you
This post was done in the context of a joint publication with other colleagues on the 10 tips to navigate your career during a pandemic". Once you have a fair idea of what gives you purpose, what are your core values and strengths (see all the previous tips mentioned below), you are ready to brainstorm and reflect on how you wish to ‘invest’ your time. ...

Expectations: Adjusting and Owning Yours
Have you ever thought about 'Whose expectations are you carrying'? (...) There is nothing wrong in taking on other people's ideas and suggestions and incorporating them into your expectations, belief system and goals. However, when you 'uncritically inherit the burden' of certain things you should be doing (or not doing), you are giving away your right to determine what makes sense for you; you are sleepwalking through life or blindly following someone else's recipe.

Improving your well-being at home with Tai Chi & Chi Kung
Wondering what you can do at home alone to improve both your mental and physical well-being, during these lockdown times and beyond? Join me for a low-impact exercise session at home, with Chi Kung/ Qigong exercises that you can do alone, as you find greater mind-body balance and relaxation. No excuses :)

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