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Empowering your executives and teams with the necessary skills to ensure your organisation’s success and continuous growth.

In today’s highly competitive and fast-changing world, it is essential to ensure your entire team has the best tools and skills at their disposal. Continuous learning and the development of key ‘soft skills’ is a massive asset not only to boost productivity and increase employee retention rates, but also to ensure the overall success and growth of your organisation. The general improvement of employees' quality of life over the past decades and the progressive arrival of 'purpose-thirsty' millennials to the job market, have transformed continuous learning into a universal need for any organisation who wishes to thrive in this new context.

My coaching, training and consultancy services can help you clarify your challenges, your goals and the options available. In addition to soft skills such as leadership and communications and more concrete work with strategy- and goal-setting, my main areas of expertise include management in not-for-profit associations and businesses, social entrepreneurship, sustainability in global supply-chains and Fair Trade.

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Executive Coaching

Aimed at enhancing the leadership or management performance and overall skills’ development of an organisation’s executives and high-potential employees. Coaching can be very useful when an employee has been newly promoted (transition coaching), is facing a number of challenges (usually involving inter-personal relationships), or is being groomed for larger roles, as well as to correct behavioural problems and help leaders resolve interpersonal conflicts.

Typical benefits include, to mention just a few, a boost in productivity (by helping your employees work smarter) and higher retention rates (since employees tend to be more loyal and motivated when their company invests in improving their skills and providing them with greater meaning).

My sessions focus on helping your executives gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, and unlock their potential, while I may also act as a sounding board. We will work together to find solutions to unlock their potential and reducing any interfering factor to their performance. This may include breaking through existing mind-sets and limiting beliefs, and making structural changes in behavioural and emotional patterns to achieve better outcomes.

AFDP - Associação das Famílias dos Diplomatas Portugueses


For teams at all levels, especially those whose interpersonal and management skills can have a greater impact within the organisation. Training is equally appropriate for other groups of people sharing similar challenges and/or goals.

Training sessions are tailored to your organisation’s context, challenges, needs and goals, and can take place in a location of your choosing. You can also select and combine options from my current series of training modules to quickly create the ideal training for you (contact me to know more, or see a list of existing training and workshops here).

By using a refreshing, solution-focused approach, there will be an improvement in mindsets, skills and performance.

"Very inspiring and useful workshop. I recommend to everyone" (Melike A.)

Consultancy services

For any business or organisations seeking expert advice about how to effectively address a specific challenge or problem.

My consultancy services can cover a wide range of issues, mostly related to management of not-for-profit businesses, networks and associations; as well as social entrepreneurship. I am equally an expert in ethics and sustainability in global supply chains, and Fair Trade. Whenever adequate, a solutions-focused coaching process is used within a consultancy framework.

A little more about Happiness at Work


The Work Happy Report 2017: The secrets of the happiest companies and employees.

This report reflects the results of a survey to with more than 24,000 working professionals across eight countries.


"Is employee happiness pivotal to organisational success? Yes.
Is there a one-size-fits-all approach to fuelling happiness at work? No, as there are simply too many factors that influence each person’s happiness for such a guarantee.
But understanding the significant role that satisfaction and engagement levels play in your company’s success — and being willing to alter your approach to increase them — is a great start. Your efforts will have an effect. And you’re likely to see benefits across several fronts, including productivity, recruitment and retention.
The bottom line is this: workplace happiness truly matters to your employees and to the long-term health of your organisation And, most importantly, you have the power to directly influence it. Good luck on your journey."

The Happy Manifesto: Make your organisation a great place to work now

By Henry Stewart, the founder of Happy, is the definitive guide for anyone who wants to transform productivity, loyalty and innovation within their organisations.


"Imagine a workplace where people are energized and motivated by being in control of the work they do. Imagine they are trusted and given freedom, within clear guidelines, to decide how to achieve their results. Imagine they are able to get the life balance they want. Imagine they are valued according to the work they do, rather than the number of hours they spend at their desk.
Wouldn’t you want to work there? Wouldn’t it also be the place that would enable you to work at your best and most productive?"

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