Services for Individuals

Career & Life Coaching and Training

My services for individuals aim to support mainly professionals in their personal and career development.

I focus on your strengths to guide you through a learning and discovery journey in order to achieve your goals.

Whether you simply feel you want more meaning and purpose out of life, you have a recent development that is causing some pain or stress, or you are struggling with other specific issues at your work or personal life, I can probably help you gain clarity and find solutions for those issues.

Our sessions together will be a safe space to get the professional guidance and emotional support you need. While we will talk about the challenges you face, we will also focus on your strengths and look for ways to build on that foundation to make positive changes in your life. My focus will be always your well-being and personal growth.

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Personal Development and Life Coaching

For all who wish to improve or make changes in their life, achieve a concrete personal goal or simply learn a new skill, and are committed to a guided learning process that will enhance their skills, tools and mind-set. Coaching will enhance your levels of (self)awareness, communication skills and have a positive impact on your behaviour.

Sessions are customised to your needs, whether personal and/or professional. Using the coaching methodology, and other approaches and tools as necessary, together we will identify your current interests and challenges, clarify your goals and objectives, and explore the available solutions so you can enjoy a purposeful and meaningful life.

Career Coaching

For professionals who are looking for a more satisfactory career path (whether in your current work environment or considering to change its direction), but are also committed to engaging in a discovery and clarity journey. Coaching can offer effective guidance and support to speed up and ease this transition period.

Using the coaching methodology, as well as career design approaches and tools as necessary, together we will go through several steps to find what makes you unique in the marketplace and overall happy in your life.

[Depending on your personal circumstances, career coaching can be Tax deductible in the Netherlands. More here.]

Executive Coaching

Aimed at enhancing the leadership or management performance and overall skills’ development of an organisation’s executives and high-potential employees. Coaching can be very useful when an employee has been newly promoted (transition coaching), is facing a number of challenges (usually involving inter-personal relationships), or is being groomed for larger roles, as well as to correct behavioural problems and help leaders resolve interpersonal conflicts.

Typical benefits include, to mention just a few, a boost in productivity (by helping your employees work smarter) and higher retention rates (since employees tend to be more loyal and motivated when their company invests in improving their skills and providing them with greater meaning).

My sessions focus on helping your executives gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, and unlock their potential, while I may also act as a sounding board. We will work together to find solutions to unlock their potential and reducing any interfering factor to their performance. This may include breaking through existing mind-sets and limiting beliefs, and making structural changes in behavioural and emotional patterns to achieve better outcomes.

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