Imagine you were actually confident that you're on the right track with your career & life...


Ask yourself a question:

How different would your life and career be, if you actually knew you were on the right path?

Imagine you wake up every morning feeling happy and alive, knowing your career is on the right track towards success and that it aligns with a truly balanced and fulfilling life. Imagine you have both success and inner peace!

It sounds amazing, right? 😊

We all search for professional success and happiness in our lives -- however we define each of these terms --, especially when we have 'chosen' to live abroad!

The problem is that so far you had just been 'going with the flow' and now you are feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed or too frustrated with your life & career right now… You have no idea what success and happiness mean to you, much less how to get there, where to begin or how to implement the necessary changes for it... especially given you are living and working in this foreign country now ☹ Or worse even: you thought you were already reaching the 'top of the ladder' only to realise something is still missing.

This is all very disappointing, frightening, it feels lonely, and likely to be filled with random attempts doomed to fail and cause you even more stress and frustration. Change is always scary! Especially if you are lacking the clarity, confidence or a plan to keep moving forward. Your inner voice is telling you that there’s no way you’ll ever succeed in having both a sense of achievement and overall well-being…


We can help you 😊 at Natália Leal | Coach & Trainer!

You don’t have to figure it all out by yourself, to do all the trial & error, staying stressed and anxious about delivering on others’ expectations! Let’s have a chat and explore how we could work together to generate the balanced life, with success and happiness, that you have been searching for.

You can finally confidently ‘take the wheel’ of your own life and career! Do you dare to get closer to your Destination?

Find YOUR path and be confident to move forward in your life and career

I want to get unstuck and start moving forward!

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[For Individuals] Facing My Life & Career Challenges

Have you been feeling lost, stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed? Wondering if you are on the right track with your life and career?

At Natália Leal | Coach & Trainer you can find a range of services, from 1:1 coaching to group work and trainings, designed to help you.

I specialise in supporting international professionals - including expats and their partners, executives and academics - so they can gain clarity and become more confident about the next steps in their career and life, without all the frustration, stress and worry it so often implies.

Check what the Expat Lighthouse programme offers you and all that you can get from it here.

Let's have a chat and see how I could best support you. Book your free Discovery Call below.

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Other Ways We Can Work Together...

Start on My Own

Online Courses & Resources

I am passionate about human behaviour and potential, and I love to talk about it and help others develop their own skills.

Whether you would like to follow an existing online course at your own pace, watch a webinar recording, or request me to deliver a specific workshop for you or your friends, there are several options you can explore.

Another option is simply to follow my issues of the 'Seeds for Growth & Joy', where I share reflections and tips about success and happiness, especially while living abroad.

Get Tailor-made Solutions

- Corporates & Organisations - Training, Workshops, Speaking Events, Executive Coaching

For companies, associations and networks who wish to improve their performance and know the value of investing on the continuous development of their managers' and employee's skills.

If you wish to inspire and empower your executives and teams with the necessary mindset and skills to ensure your organisation’s success and continuous growth, book a free call below so we can discuss what are the options that best suit your specific needs. More on already available options here.


I would definitely recommend her services.
Edyta S., Administrator at EU agency
Natalia has been invaluable in my quest to find myself as a professional.It's not just about finding a job, but the Program was a true journey of self-discovery about my abilities, desires, interests that, sometimes, were dormant by a system that only keeps us reactive. [...]  Today, I am convinced that people should go through such a journey at least once in their lives. :)
Amália C., Assistant Professor
If you are looking for your goal in life or if you are insecure about what job is for you: the answer is Natália Leal.
Sandra B.
“Meeting a coach was new to me, and to be honest I was pretty skeptical but also curious.It turned out that it was a pleasure meeting and working with Natália. She’s open minded, friendly and professional all at the same time.I specifically liked the part that she has a [broad] interest and knowledge of many subjects so you can bring on pretty much anything you want to work or be advised on. The sessions always resulted in a motivation boost and some new tools to work on the items you want to improve.Overall, it helped me a lot since I have a clear understanding and strategy now how to improve my career as well as my personal life. Thanks Natália.”
Job B.
“Natália has been great to work with. She has a great balance of empathy, while still pushing you to think your way through a situation and reframe things. When we began working together I felt very alone, and powerless in a difficult work situation. Through our work she has helped me face situations with more strength, confidence, and see things with more clarity. As an expat it has been really beneficial to be able to connect with someone who knows what it feels like and helped me look for common ground and understanding with my new colleagues and neighbors. Working with a coach was something I had been thinking about for a while and I'm glad that I finally did it and found someone who is the right fit for me.”
Stacey P.

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Contact me to schedule our first, intake talk. This is a totally free 30-40 minutes conversation to hear about your (expat) story, discuss your current challenges and desired results, assess if we’re a good match, and explore what type of tailor-made solution would be best for you. Yes, you get to ask all your questions too! :)

Take the first step towards a happier life and more fulfilling career!

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Why work with me

Experience, professional expertise and tailored support

Through individual and group coaching and training, Natália Leal | Coach & Trainer supports internationally-minded individuals and teams – including expats and their partners, executives, academics and graduate students abroad – navigate their big and small career & life transitions, so you can have the clarity, mindset and strategy you need to be successful and happy, without all the frustration, stress and worry it so often implies.

I have been an expat for almost 18 years now, having lived and worked in difference countries, but also across multiple careers and sectors, from academia to policy-making and managing entire organisations; most recently, also starting to run my own business. Indeed, I have already been at the top of the ladder – working as a Chief Executive – only to realise something was not right…

My experience as a Coach over the past years - especially working with expats -has allowed me to start identifying patterns regarding the challenges we usually face, but also given me the expertise to see each individual for their uniqueness. That is why I enjoy creating like-minded and safe community spaces, while offering tailored support to each person. I knowhow hard it can be to build up a successful yet balanced life and career, especially in a context different from your own cultural background.

One of my core values is growth and learning, so I have been committed to continuous learning and improvement for most of my life. Since I decided to start working as a Coach& Trainer, I have become a certified Professional Life Coach and completed diplomas in Career Coaching, Behavioural Coaching, Positive Psychology, Positive Intelligence and the Science of Well-Being. You can check my LinkedIN profile for the nitty-gritty details on my CV.

I am a ‘book & science nerd’ and I like it :) however, I have also learned to listen to my emotions and trust my expert intuition! I have not only studied these topics; I have lived through them and frequently supported my clients in finding their own answers for it.

I believe we all aim for happiness, well-being and success, that we all deserve it, and that we each can get it.
I believe in intentionally designing your Destiny!

Hence, by working with me you will be able to make meaningful, long-term changes in your - professional and/or personal - life in a safe but also challenging environment, so you can get you to the next level of your career, live a life more aligned with what truly matters for you now, or simply enjoy life more in your ‘new country’.
You will find support to be able to understand & improve your own 'internal operating systems', clarify what success &happiness means to you, and learn how to design & implement a plan to get you there!

Among my services you will find both 1:1 coaching and a group programme for individuals, as well as training, workshops and consultancy options for organisations.

Check the video to learn more about the group programme for international professionals and how it supports expats who are feeling lost, stuck and paralyzed to become more confident to move forward in their life and career.

Read all about the Expat Lighthouse Programme