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My personal approach relies primarily on the coaching methodology, but it can also include training and consultancy elements, as appropriate to your needs.

Services for Organisations

For companies, associations and networks who wish to improve their performance and know the value of investing on the continuous development of their managers' and employee's skills.


Services for Individuals

Group programme and one-on-one sessions with professionals who wish to reach new goals, reconsider their career path, figure out their next steps, or improve specific skills.


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A bit about Coaching, Training and Consultancy

"Coaching is a transformational tool"
- Sir John Whitmore
"Coaching is a form of learning, where a person (a coach) supports someone else (sometimes called acoachee) to make progress in some way.Progress might include: to reach a goal, solve problems, or create learning and change. Coaching is normallya conversation, or series of conversations, one person has with another. The coach works to create aconversation that will benefit the other person, in a way that relates to their objectives"
- J. Starr

Coaching is quite different from training, which can easily take place individually or in groups but often assumes a more structured format in order to ensure the trainees develop a specific skill or knowledge.

Unlike a consultant, which tends to deliver expert advice to solve a specific (often rather urgent) business/organisational problem, a coach will not solve problems for you. Instead,a coach will ask questions to help clarify and solve the coachee’s problems. And none of the above is about therapy or psychoanalysis.

My coaching and consultancy services are available in-person and online; training is generally available in-person only. The main working language is English but other languages may be available upon request.

If you would like to hear more about my approach (read also below), have questions, or would like to schedule a consultation, please use the Contact Form to get in touch. I look forward tohearing from you.

How We Will Work Together in Coaching

Coaching is a co-creative relationship. I see us as equals and I encourage you to do the same. I am not a therapist, counselor or consultant. I am a trained coach, using practiced communication and listening skills to support you as a detached thinking partner. Together we create more power for you to effect meaningful change and take dynamic actions towards your forward movement.

Please understand, that if you’re seeking to change something about yourself, it takes time. Most of my clients feel a positive shift as soon as the very first session. Unfortunately, that typically doesn’t last, as many of the thought and behaviour patterns we develop are from as far back as childhood and are deeply rooted. Much like the time it might take to create a newpath in a thickly wooded forest, the same is true for building new neural pathways in our brain.

We will be working on new ways of reacting, responding and perceiving your life. So like the pushed aside branches that snap right back into place the first several times of forging a newpath, you will likely revert back to old ways of being and experiencing in the beginning. At that same time, you’ll begin to become aware of the elevated choices and options available to you in each moment and, over time, it’s amazing to see how your life and relationships begin to elevate and evolve. If you’re serious about change, decide to make a commitment to coaching.

Depending on your situation, the following are typical choices people make for series of sessions:

  • Weekly sessions for 1-3 months (recommended if you’re seriously struggling with a major life/work/emotional situation)
  • Sessions every 2 -3 weeks for 3 months (recommended for those who have a general feeling of being stuck and/or unfulfilled personally or professionally and are committed to forward movement.)
  • Monthly sessions (recommended for those looking to make targeted changes or continue the work they have started during the more frequent series of sessions.)
  • A session every few months (recommended for those looking to touch base, connect andmaintain their momentum by continuing to challenge themselves.)

    Other details of our coaching relationship will be further clarified in a Coaching Proposal sent to all clients

[Note: My thank you and acknowledgement to Transformation Academy (Joeel & Natalie Rivera), who first drafted a similar text.]

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