On finding your path among the great reshuffle

There have been a few new buzzwords in the last couple of years that are very relevant to all of us. First everyone seemed to be talking about 'the Great Resignation', with many surveys alerting to a massive 'quitting spree', given that anything from 40% to 75% of the workforce seemed to be actively planning to leave their current jobs for a better fit elsewhere. More recently, it has been 'the Great Reshuffle', referring not only to the fact that a large portion of the workforce is considering a change in career direction but is also re-assessing where 'work' lies among your other life priorities.


While this has been presented as a new phenomenon (and it's scale definitely is!), it really refers to what coaches have been doing for a long time: helping others figure out how to enjoy a successful career that respects and is properly aligned with living an overall fulfilling life.


Do you recognise either this 'great resignation' or this 'great reshuffle' (or both) in your own life and career?


The good news is indeed that more of us are thinking about it, the difficult part is that you will have to find your own answer. You can't copy or borrow another person's solution, though you definitely don't need to figure it our by yourself ;) [Contact me!]


For now, you have (at least) two clear options:

1) wait for someone else to tell you what this should mean to you and how you should live it, or

2) to actually claim the power to decide how you wish to live your life and hence where you want to go next.


What will you do?




Happiness Tip: Different sources suggest that we feel happier and more fulfilled when we focus on our Legacy (what we will live behind to make the world a better place), Mastery (the skills we are really good at) and Freedom/Autonomy (the choices we make decisions to enjoy life better). 



[Originally published on 04 August 2022, in the newsletter Seeds for Growth & Joy]

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