"Build a Career you Love", 8 October 2018 (De Broekriem)

On the afternoon of 8th October 2018, I will give a workshop in the Netherlands, within the framework of the De Broekriem network.


This workshop is particularly helpful if you are:

  • Seeking a career that you genuinely love
  • Unhappy in your current role but not sure what you want to do next
  • Pretty sure of what you’d like to do next but not sure about how best to get there

Based on specific methodologies and my own experience, this workshop will offer participants some structure about how they can design a career path that contributes to their overall happiness. They will leave the workshop with a proposed roadmap, with different steps and suggestions; a guide to help them build a career they love.


Check out more here: https://www.debroekriem.nl/event/build-a-career-you-love/


Location: Congrescentrum Achmea, Handelsweg 2, 3707NH Zeist, The Netherlands.

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