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I often advice my clients regarding how best to design their CVs and cover letters for specific vacancies they wish to apply to. One of the most frequently asked questions is about the photo. Should I include a profile photo in my CV or not? While the answer to this question is partially dependent on the country your vacancy is based on (there are a few cultural differences in the DO’s and DONT’s across countries when it comes to CVs), my answer is almost always an 'It depends'.
Can expats speak EQ-ish?
[...] Yet, talking about EQ is quite different than actually practising and increasing our EQ, and the challenge can be even greater for expats and professionals working across cultures and languages. [...] So today, my tip is that you practise it a little, so you can increase your vocabulary and more easily identify what you are feeling the next time your brain assigns meaning to certain sensations ;)

On finding your path among the great reshuffle
There have been a few new buzzwords in the last couple of years that are very relevant to all of us. First everyone seemed to be talking about 'the Great Resignation', with many surveys alerting to a massive 'quitting spree', given that anything from 40% to 75% of the workforce seemed to be actively planning to leave their current jobs for a better fit elsewhere. More recently, it has been 'the Great Reshuffle', [...]

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