Client Testimonials


I would definitely recommend her services.

(Edyta S., Administrator at EU agency)


Meeting a coach was new to me, and to be honest I was pretty skeptical but also curious.

It turned out that it was a pleasure meeting and working with Natália. She’s open minded, friendly and professional all at the same time. I specifically liked the part that she has a [broad] interest and knowledge of many subjects so you can bring on pretty much anything you want to work or be advised on. The sessions always resulted in a motivation boost and some new tools to work on the items you want to improve.

Overall, it helped me a lot since I have a clear understanding and strategy now how to improve my career as well as my personal life. Thanks Natália. 

(Job B.)


Natália is a very friendly, communicative professional life/career coach. She offered me adequate exercises and tools so I have been able to discover my talents, passions.

She is a good listener, with a lot of patience. If you are looking for your goal in life or if you are unsecure about what job is for you: the answer is Natália Leal.

(Sandra B.)


Foi um enorme prazer ter encontrado e ter tido a possibilidade de trabalhar com a Natália. Muito obrigada por me ter ajudado a perceber o que realmente prentendo para a minha vida, a título profissional. Gostei muito da excelente organização e, sobretudo, do método que utiliza. Aconselho vivamente!

(Elsa C.)


[Natália] is positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, focused, goal-oriented, knowledgeable, observant, respectful, patient and a clear communicator.

(Elsa C.)


One of my goal for the coaching session with coach Natália was to improve my confidence for the job interviews. During the session, coach helped me to identify the reasons for low confidence, by asking me the right questions. 

Next for the action, coach provided me with directions, right tools, techniques and motivated me to get out of my comfort zone. As a result, my confidence is boosted and I was able to do better in the interviews and landed with a new opportunity. Additionally, coach provided feedback on my interview preparations and guided on a new technique to activate confidence when needed. Reflecting back, I started coaching session to improve my confidence during the interview, but overall it helped me to build confidence in all aspect of life. I am really grateful for all the support. Based on this experience, I would definitely retake the coaching with Natália and highly recommend to others. 

(Rakshith M.C.)


Natália is a wonderful coach.  Each of the eight sessions I had with her were focused on working through the issues and goals set out in the initial meeting. I found the coaching trajectory with Natália to be hugely beneficial in reframing my initial uncooperative mindset into one which was more capable in dealing with the issues I faced and ultimately recalibrating my internal compass.



Natalia really helped me to understand my key values and life priorities, and that helped me to create a plan in order to have a more meaningful and joyful life.

Natalia uses an approach focused on the coachee, and not a pre-made, structured coaching style. I really liked that, according to my goals and questions, she adapted and used different exercises and tools, that were really helpful during our coaching journey.

There was a good balance between personal and professional life, which I thought was really good.



There are some moments in our lives where we feel lost and without a sense of direction. Sometimes we just need a little push in the right direction. The coaching sessions with Natália were that exact push I was in need of. Through her guidance I was able to land a new opportunity by building confidence and reframing my thought process on various aspects of my life. If you find yourself on a position similar to mine, I strongly recommend Natália to help you like she helped me. Thank you Natália.



I had never had a coach before and wasn't sure it would help. After a couple of sessions with Natália I had already gained a tremendous amount of clarity and awareness that helped me refocus and change the goals I had initially set. I finally feel like I know what I want and where I want to go, and that I am capable of tracing my own way there feeling confident that I'm on the right track and comfortable to re-evaluate and change when necessary. After 5 sessions I've become better at making decisions that are coherent with my values and goals, and I am now much more comfortable with flexibility. All of this has also enhanced my concept of myself and my ability to stay motivated. 

(Luciana F., Project Manager, ACCESS Helpdesk Utrecht)

Trainings and webinars

Very inspiring and useful workshop. I recommend to everyone.

(Melike A.)


Every professional should attend this kind of workshop, not depending on path and type of career. It opens different perspectives.

(Vitalija P.)


Natália knows how to convey the workshop very well with a variation of her professional knowledge and personal examples. This workshop is very inspiring and has certainly given me the tools I was looking for to give my life even more meaning and happiness.

(Silvano S.)


Natalia uses a great method to find your signature strengths.

(Guida V.)


Very well structured and to the point.

(Laura B.)


I enjoyed the webinar presented by Natalia, it was well structured and full of inspirational tips and ideas, also practical for me to apply in my work or personal pursuits. Natalia is a good presenter with focus on the topic, also allow the participants the space to think for themselves. Overall, it was a lovely experience and I will certainly participate in her future workshops.

(Qin C.)


The webinar was a good opportunity to return to positive thinking, be flexible and learn how to understand oneself. Very helpful specially during this time when we can not see where and when all this will end.

(Sylvie S.)


It was helpful to learn during the webinar some very practical tips on positive ways of thinking. 

(Peiyao Z.)


Natalia delivered an engaging informative webinar (...) was quite an eye-opener.

(Karen S.)

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