The Wheel of Life:

A DIY exercise for a more balanced and happier life

Have you ever felt a bit (or even very) lost in your life? Uncertain where to go next, probably just running on automatic pilot without a sense of direction, and not really paying attention to the journey? Not really enjoying life as it goes by?

While we often have these ‘feelings’, many of us find it challenging to clearly (fore)see what exactly about our life is out of balance.


This short course offers you a compass to help you re-focus on what's most important for you, in this stage of your life, promoting a greater overall balance between different life dimensions and concrete action for each.


You are going to learn how to draw and use a practical, visualization tool called the Wheel of Life.

  • Drawing your own Wheel of Life will allow you to take a 'picture' of how your current life is, increasing your Awareness about where you are today.

  • You will also be able to reflect on how (un)balanced your life might be and identify which life areas might be in greater need of attention in your near future, thus giving you a greater Focus and the ability to Prioritize.

  • Finally, you will be invited to consider possible action steps to improve your well-being and happiness, encouraging you to Take Action and Follow through with it.

While you can use this tool by yourself, many of us find that we have an even more enriching experience when we are guided by a more experienced person that can steer the process, thus enabling us to better tap into our insights and knowledge regarding the best direction for our near future. This is what this course offers you!


The ultimate goal of the course is to guide you through the opportunity to quickly capture an overview of your life and its different dimensions, reflect on its overall balance, and what actions can be taken (and even prioritized) based on your unique results.


The fact is that we all crave for more and more meaningful experiences, where we can tap into our insights in search of our next steps, maybe even a new path; get inspired, and refresh our will and motivation to forge ahead.

Allow yourself some time to learn more about yourself, gain clarity and perspective.


I hope you choose to take charge of your own life and decide to join me in this process! You might find yourself using this technique over and over again in your life! Come with me and let’s enjoy it! :)


Recommended time: around 60 minutes. 



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