The journey toward your goals:

An online, guided retreat to pause, reconnect, and refocus

With  Coach Natália Leal & Yoga teacher Peren Ozturan

 Are you feeling lost, stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed, perhaps even in physical or mental pain? Unsure what to do next and at the same time just eager for a break from it all? Then, you are in the right place!


Most of us live in a busy and hyper-connected world; often mindlessly, disconnected from our bodies, without focus, direction or a real sense of purpose. We question our career choices, get confused with the multiple voices in our mind; we are eager for more love and understanding, more peace but also more excitement in our lives. But we live just ‘going with the flow’, addressing other people’s expectations, following old recipes for success and happiness that no longer work. Being pushed… not really feeling any pull.


We want more!


We are Natália Leal and Peren Ozturan.

Natália has more than 20 years working experience across different countries and in multiple sectors, including at the executive level. Her work focuses mostly on life and career transitions towards greater well-being and performance, especially with open-minded internationals. Natália has a specialization in Positive Psychology, a PhD in International Relations and a Master in Sociology. In addition to being a Life and Career Coach, Natália is also a Trainer and University Lecturer.

Peren is a Yoga teacher. She received her Yin Yoga Teacher Training from Hellen van der Harten, by following Yoga Alliance 200hrs registered curriculum. Besides her passion for yoga, she is a Researcher and Lecturer in marketing strategy.



We have decided to work together to create a course that brings the mind, the heart, and the body together, and that allows you both the mental, emotional, and physical space to focus on yourself and your overall well-being and happiness. We invite you to take a break for a few hours so you can reconnect with yourself and refocus on what is most important in your life.

We know it can be very hard to find the time for this or simply to allow yourself to do it. But, yes: you DO deserve some care and thinking about yourself, your well-being. Actually, you have to! Besides, going to a real retreat to find such a space sounds like a great idea but it may be costly in various ways.


While one may doubt any online experience can fully compete, this course has been designed to offer you somewhat of ‘a retreat’ feeling, so you can sense the reflective and transformative power of these experiences, even if you (don’t want to or) cannot afford the time and/or money to travel to a far off, wonderful place.



It includes 4 core sections, in which we combine knowledge and tools from different fields – from Positive Psychology, Coaching and Neurosciences, to Yoga and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) – to offer you a unique blend of experiences and exercises.

The course is designed to be accessible to any adult, even if you have never done any coaching, or have never been to a retreat, or if you are a complete Yoga beginner. You should find it particularly useful if you are feeling stressed, a bit lost, overwhelmed, maybe a bit desperate … whether in your personal or in your professional life and career. By taking this course you will be able to gain greater clarity about what you want, what is important to you, and what actions you need to take to achieve those goals and dreams.


Recommended time:

We suggest you allow at least 3 hours to complete this course, since it includes several exercises. You can do it at your pace over several days but, for greater effect, we recommend you try to do it completely in one single day (or weekend).


Here is the feedback from a few participants:


"I have just finished the course and have found it very practical and helpful. The most amazing aspect of the course for me was the connection with Yoga poses to help me think about and define my goals. It took me two days to finish because I did all the extra exercises and the program allows for this flexibility so I was very pleased that I could do it in my own pace. I will definitely come back to the worksheets when it is time to review and revise my goals. I hope this journey reaches, inspires and helps many people like it has helped me. It is a worthwhile and valuable experience that I recommend 100%." (Luciana Fonseca)


"I recommend this online training to everyone who loses a bit of their focus in their lives or those who needs reorientation or purpose in their life. With her calming voice Peren is taking you to an inner journey to make you ready to face your challenges, obstacles for your goals. On the other, Natalia provides you very insightful tips and tools to reconsider your goals and your skills to achieve your goals. I find very comforting that they provide scientific references and background about their methodology. You will definitely not regret to signing up for this insightful session." (Melike Almaz, Business Controller in Financial sector)

Natália Leal  |  Coach & Trainer

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