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A Self-Discovery Break: A Weekend Retreat

with Yoga Practice, Group Coaching and Reflection

19-21 November 2021, with Natália Leal & Yoga instructor Shimi Florentin

In this weekend retreat, we invite you to take a break from your busy, often run-on-autopilot life and slow down to (re)discover yourself. You will spend time exploring both mind and body, while reflecting to reconnect with who you are at your core. 


Led by Life & Career Coach Natália Leal and Yoga Instructor Shimrit Florentin (Yoga with Shimi), the retreat combines guided individual reflection, group coaching and discussion, yoga sessions and meditation moments. We offer research-based information as well as practical tips and techniques to use in your everyday life. It is the perfect retreat for beginners, as well as for those who wish to go deeper in their inner journey of self-development. 


Venue: Herberg De Dieken, the Netherlands.

Group Coaching

Career Success Abroad: A Roadmap to Your Next Career Stage Abroad

Welcome to the group coaching programme that will show you how to navigate to a successful career in a foreign country and help you uncover what you need to know (mostly about yourself but not only) to get there.




Registrations will open from 1 September 2021. Sign up below to make sure you are among the first to know and be able to reserve your place.

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Online Courses

Online courses are ideal to follow at your own pace and from whatever location you desire, provided you have an internet connection. Generally, you also get life-long access to them, meaning you can come back and repeat them whenever you want.


Below are the currently available options. 

The Journey Toward Your Goals:

An online, guided retreat  to pause, reconnect and refocus

With Coach Natália Leal  &  Yoga teacher Peren Ozturan.

Here is the feedback from some participants:


"I have just finished the course and have found it very practical and helpful. The most amazing aspect of the course for me was the connection with Yoga poses to help me think about and define my goals. (...) I hope this journey reaches, inspires and helps many people like it has helped me. It is a worthwhile and valuable experience that I recommend 100%." (Luciana Fonseca)


"I recommend this online training to everyone who loses a bit of their focus in their lives or those who needs reorientation or purpose in their life (...) You will definitely not regret to signing up for this insightful session." (Melike Almaz, Business Controller in Financial sector)

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The Wheel of Life:

A DIY exercise for a more balanced and happier life

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Workshops / Trainings


Natália Leal offers a range of workshops and trainings on different topics, whether related to your personal and professional development. Workshops can be designed on request and existing ones can always be adjusted to the intended audience (professionals, jobseekers, students, expats or those considering retirement, for example) and preferred length of time (from 1 hour to multiple days). It is also possible to mix multiple workshops together. Most of the available workshops can be delivered in-person as well as online.


Almost all the workshops build on scientific findings from the field of Positive Psychology and Neurosciences, as well as on Natália's own professional and life experience. The main topics covered in workshops are: well-being and happiness, career planning, character strengths, core values, resilience skills, goal-setting, creating action plans and new habits. Below are some of the existing workshops and their main details.

Building Your Resilience Skills

This workshop helps participants find out how to overcome and 'grow stronger’ even in the most difficult periods. It focuses on what is resilience, its critical variables and why it matters so much; what skills can you develop better to cope with adversity; what traps should you watch out for; and how can you build on your strengths to have a happier life. 


Recommended minimum time: 1 hour.

A Roadmap to a Career You Love

This workshop offers participants a light structure regarding how to design a career path that contributes to your overall happiness. You will leave with a proposed roadmap, different steps and suggestions; a guide to help you build a career you love and which is fully aligned with who you are


It is particularly helpful if you are:

  • Wondering if you have made the wrong choices in your professional life;
  • Unhappy in your current work role (demotivated, feeling stuck or lost ) but not sure where to go next;
  • Pretty confident of what you’d like to do next in your career, but not sure where to start and how best to get there;
  • Seeking a career that you genuinely love.

This is not about how to write a CV or apply to job (though it's also included).


More about past workshops here and here.


Recommended minimum time: 3 hours.

Finding yourself

Re-Discovering My Life & Career Abroad

A workshop ideal for recent and long-term expats or those now considering a move abroad (for work, study, love...), including their partners. How can you deal with a new culture, no friends, career frustration, overall uncertainty and find (again) a balanced life and fulfilling career? 



This workshop aims to create a space for reflection on the personal and professional challenges of (regularly) moving abroad and how best to deal with them. At the end, participants will have gained a greater sense of awareness about themselves and their options, as well as concrete ideas and actions to face the likely challenges and achieve a more balanced life while living abroad. 


Mixing a short version of other available workshops, the workshop has 3 parts, including exercises:

  • Part I: Discovering yourself - Finding your own happy spot; 
  • Part II: Moving abroad - Coping with the different phases of adaptation in a new country;
  • Part III: Towards a fulfilling career - Steps to building a successful career.

More about past workshops here.


Recommended minimum time: 3-4 hours.

How to Draw Your Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a great, simple tool that enables you to draw a picture of where you are now regarding different areas of life, making it easier for you to then come up with an action plan towards a more balanced life and becoming who you truly wish to beAttending this workshop will allow you to:

  • Take a 'picture' of how your life is today;
  • Identify which life areas might be in greater need of attention in your near future;
  • Consider concrete action steps to improve your wellbeing and happiness.

More about past workshops here.


Recommended minimum time: 1 hour.

Know Your Strengths & How to Use Them

This workshop invites participants to reflect on their main character strengths and the values they hold highest. How can you build on these strengths to improve your overall happiness and design a career path towards a job that really fulfils you?


More about past workshops here.


Recommended minimum time: 2-3 hours.

Happy Golden Years: Well-Being & Life Satisfaction in Retirement

This workshop takes us through the core concepts and findings of Positive Psychology to show you how you can use them at a stage in life when employment is no longer the main way of occupying your day.


Recommended minimum time: 2 hours.

The Secrets to Reaching Your Dreams

Are you ready to reach your dreams or does it scare you? Finding happiness and reaching your dreams requires dedication, hard work and doing your ‘homework’. We’ll show you what you need to do, based on recent findings from the sciences of happiness and fulfilment – from positive psychology to neurosciences and behavioural economics – on what drives us (and stops us), what makes us happy and what can help our dreams come true. The secrets – for the most part – are already out there, and we’ll explore quite a few during this workshop.


More about past workshops here.


Recommended minimum time: 1 hour (conference) or 3 hours (workshop).

Road to a meaningful life

(Re)Discovering Yourself: Steps Towards a Meaningful Life

This workshop seeks to create a space for discovery and reflection about your identity, your life goals and main priorities. Finding the road to happiness requires you to be aware of who you are, what drives you and your actions in the word (and what blocks them), and what direction you feel you should follow.


The workshop includes several exercises and offers tools to help uncover these issues and make the first steps towards identifying your own personal mission. At the end, participants will have gained a greater sense of awareness about themselves and their options, as well as concrete ideas and actions to achieve a more balanced and meaningful life.


This workshop is particularly helpful if you are:

  • Feeling lost or stuck in life, not sure where to go next;
  • Too focused on your job and missing the rest of life, probably working close to exhaustion or near a burn-out;
  • Curious about how to overcome your fears;
  • Looking for meaning and purpose in your life. 

Recommended minimum time: 3 hours.

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