The blessing of Corona?

In the past few weeks the world has been overtaken by everything related to the Corona virus outbreak. This is a serious issue and we all have the obligation to take the necessary measures to protect not only ourselves, but others as well. 


Having said this, there are some hidden opportunities in this whole situation, including for each of us. What could be the 'positive side' of the Corona virus? How can you make the best out of a bad situation? I mean, even Viktor Frankl found meaning in the Nazi concentration camps... 


Let me name a few that have come to my mind. [Check also my tips for resilience]


First, I think many of us became much more aware of our (ir)regular hygiene routines and how poor sometimes these are, including among medical professionals. It's actually useful to improve these a bit, and maintain that standard afterwards. Some of the 'extra measures' we have been implementing (such as washing your hand regularly and for long enough) are habits we should have all the time (Yes, some dirt is also good for immunisation but that's another story...).


It also makes us more aware of our connection to each other and to the larger planet, and how being responsible but also compassionate are such crucial human features. Do not put others at risk, but be there to help those who need it. Even if we got to a situation in which we could not directly contact with each other, there are multiple ways of being supportive: leave some cookies at your parents'/children's front door; if you must go to the supermarket, do your neighbours' shopping too. Be creative, and ask for help if you need it!


Many of us around the world have already been asked to work remotely or in smaller groups. While this will certainly impact your normal work routine and productivity, it also gives you the opportunity to enjoy a new environment, maybe quieter, maybe you even have a nicer view out the window, maybe you can manage your breaks in a different way, have a home-made lunch or put the washing machine going as you work. I love it when I can hear some birds while I work, for example. Take it in and enjoy it to the fullest (it will probably not last long).


This might also mean that you now need to spend less time commuting to work. So 'suddenly' you might have gained some extra free hours for the coming days. What are you planning to do with it? Relax a bit more, spend more time with your children, finally have some online chats with friends you've been meaning to call for a while, or even just take some time for self-reflection, try that new recipe, or read a book? There is an infinite number of activities that you can explore... Time is such a rare gift!


And I am sure there are plenty of other 'positive things' that have not occurred to me yet. Can you think of some more? Share them with us! How can you make the best out of a bad situation? While not ignoring reality, seek the positive side! 


(First published on: 13 March 2020)

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