"Know your Strengths and How to Use Them" [29 November 2019, Gouda]

Once again I will have the pleasure of 'contributing back' and, on 29th November 2019 morning, I will give a workshop in Gouda (the Netherlands), within the framework of the De Broekriem network.


The reality of today’s fast-paced world – where jobs and careers are no longer ‘for life’ but there is a big financial pressure to be employed – leaves us with little time and mental space to reflect on what type of job and career would actually fit our personality better and make us happier.


Based on specific methodologies (from the field of Positive Psychology and beyond) and Natália’s own experience, this workshop will invite you to reflect on your main character strengths and the values you hold highest. How can you build on these strengths to improve your overall happiness and design a career path towards a job that really fulfills you? Come and explore more about it.


Check out more here: https://www.debroekriem.nl/event/know-your-strengths-and-how-to-use-them/


Location: Rabobank Gouda, Burgemeester Jamessingel 41, 2803 WV Gouda, The Netherlands.


(First published on: 19 November 2019)

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