Executive Coaching: I'm looking for you! [SPECIAL DEAL]

Do you want to be a great leader?

To improve performance and inspire your team?

Are you about to/have you recently been promoted? 

Have you been feeling overwhelmed at work, or maybe as a lonely decision-maker?


I am looking for you!


I am launching a special deal for executive coaching sessions, as I extend my coaching services into a new domain.


I am offering 2-months of executive coaching sessions to executives, managers or board members who would like some support in addressing their current work challenges and are committed to the coaching process for only €150/month. I will be bringing all my tools, knowledge and experience as former WFTO Chief Executive and current owner and manager of my own company to support you.


I can show you how to reach your goals so you can make a greater impact at work, inspire your team and enhance your performance, leadership skills and emotional intelligence!


To apply, please fill in the Application Form below and tell me why executive coaching would be ideal for you.

Up to 3 candidates may be chosen. If there is a suitable application, one place will be offered preferentially to someone working for a network/association, social enterprise or Fair Trade business.




- Please note that Executive Coaching is not Business Consultancy: it focuses on improving personal effectiveness in an organisational setting;  no business advice will be provided. 

- Applications can be submitted using the Application Form below, and will remain open until enough good candidates have been found, though Natália Leal reserves the right not to select anyone. Selected candidates will be directly contacted by email. 

-  There will be a preliminary free talk before the actual sessions begin, where winners are free to decide to continue or not.

- Sessions will be scheduled during normal working hours in the Central European Time (CET) zone. 

Sessions can take place virtually or in-person as possible. There will be a maximum of 8 sessions, from 1 to 1,5 hour duration, scheduled on average a minimum of 1 week apart, for a maximum of 2 months after the first session. The winners are responsible for keeping to the agreed schedule; extra compensation sessions will not be possible (but a break may be agreed in advance, for holidays or similar foreseen events).

Payment of the entire 2-month programme, in a total of €300, is required in advance before the sessions start. Extra costs may apply if these are to occur (ex. travel, specific tools agreed by both, etc.); these costs will be mutually agreed in advance. 

- The price quoted already includes VAT for individuals; for companies, VAT is excluded and will be added as necessary. 

- Participation in feedback and surveys sent during and shortly after these coaching sessions is required.

- Writing of a testimonial likely to be shared online (ideally accompanied by a photo) is required. 

- Natália Leal's other Terms and Conditions apply. A copy will be sent to those selected.

Data Privacy Policy and Website Terms and Conditions also apply. 

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