The Coach's Coach

Yes. Of course, even coaches have their own coach!


We can all do better in our life and work if we have the right support to overcome our own challenges at any given time.


One of my recent challenges was obviously to start my own business. There are a lot of technical elements to prepare and a real mindset shift to take place. I know it and it is still ongoing work :) But it would have taken me much longer and a lot more effort if I had had to do it all by myself (with a certainly a lot more 'trial and error' runs).


I am very happy to publicly thank my own business coach for all her support so far. Lisanne Jakobs, from Brilliant Work, has helped me navigate through this new world of entrepreneurship.


You can read our whole story in English and Dutch at Brilliant Work's website, LinkedIn or Facebook page. 


(First published: 20 June 2019)

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